Van Gammon

Lyrics use to be message driven; now they lack substance, Individuality has become very rare, and Quality is almost non-existent. Hip Hop is losing the very essence that it was founded upon, and now some say that Hip Hop is dead, however a lyricist from Fayetteville, North Carolina begs to differ. His mission is simple: revive Hip Hop with his thought provoking lyricism, his passionate delivery, and more importantly his love for Hip Hop. His name, you ask, Van Detta. California born, North Carolina raised is what this MC will tell you, when asked about his humble beginnings. He discovered his love for lyrics when he started writing poetry in the 5th grade, but it wasn’t until he won his first poetry contest that he started taking lyrics seriously. He competed in many talent shows, even imitating all the dance moves to Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna”.

It was the 6th grade when he cited DMX as a poetic influence. Van has always had a love for lyrical Hip Hop. His style is influenced by Canibus, Nas, Mos Def, and lyrical Underground Rap. In High School, Van became 1/3 of the Rap group, Major League Kings, comprised of Van Detta, Tony Duxx, and Misfit Tone. Their sound is reminiscent of 1990’s lyrical Hip Hop. Van honed and perfected his craft and even added producer to his resume. In his beats you can hear the influence that Soul and Funk music has in his life. Van is an innovative thinker and he always tries to find different ways to express his thoughts and ideas. He is very passionate about his craft and Hip Hop is in need of this breath of fresh air. His plans are simple: make the music he loves, make history, and leave behind a lasting legacy because, in his words, “I believe that the worse thing in the world is to be forgotten.” Rest assure, Van is far too talented to go unnoticed.