Uncle Ray

Young love can have a huge impact on a person’s life: most people never forget their first kiss or the first time their heart skipped a beat at the sight of that special person. You also never forget your first heartbreak. Most of us never knew that a broken heart could keep beating, but it does. And while most young people will mope around after a break-up and maybe rip up all the pictures they had of that person, Uncle Ray made it into his first hot single. Hailing from Alabama, Uncle Ray penned his first single after his girlfriend dumped him at the tender age of 12. It was a personal thing for him, it hurt him deeply, but the lyrics were so undeniably fire, that he was commanded to perform it for friends, family and everyone in the neighborhood. Before he realized it, music claimed his heart and has had it ever since. Drawing from the work of the infamous Tupac Shakur, Uncle Ray is dedicated to educating the masses as well as entertaining them.  With a flow that teaches a lesson as well as delivers a message, Uncle Ray dominates every time he performs. His power is evident as soon as steps on stage, all eyes are on him and he becomes more captivating by the second; his message more powerful with every word that comes out of his mouth. He feeds off the energy of the crowd as they are always entranced by his aura: they can’t wait to hear what’s coming next. But off stage, he’s all smiles and laughs.

All the kids know him as the Uncle Ray who’s good for a dollar or some candy and it’s the kids from his neighborhood who bestowed the moniker on him. While some would tease him about it, knowing the kids called him this out of love and respect made him keep the name; it’s a badge of honor. Because of the children, he strives to be a better person. While others may try to give off the impression they are perfect, Uncle Ray readily admits he is not. Instead, he learns from his mistakes and does not allow them to define who he is as a person or as an artist. His loyal fans know that you will get nothing but the truth from Uncle Ray and he will always be true to his art and his creativity. His new fans will hear his music and finally know what “real” sounds like. And to those who are on the fence, to cross over to the Ray-side all you have to do is shut up and listen.